Banking CEE Network

Our regional banking communities unite 350+ brightest minds and the most prominent decision makers in the industry, representing National Banks, leading Retail & Commercial banks, Regulators and other market players.

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Thematic Tracks:

  • Regulatory Landscape | Post-COVID industry

  • NextGen Payments

  • Cybersecurity

  • Corporate & End User Experience

  • Blockchain

  • Non-Virtual Payments

  • Instant Payments

Thematic Tracks:

  • Innovations in Lending

  • Risk Management

  • User Experience

  • Regulatory Updates & Industry Trends

  • Commercial Lending

  • Mortgage

  • Embedded Finance

Thematic Tracks:

  • Digital Transformation in a Bank

  • Improving the Customer Service

  • Customer Journey

  • New Technologie

  • CX Personalization

  • Strategies for Impactful CX

  • IModernizing the Legacy System

  • Security and CX

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