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Empowering Financial Innovations in the CEE Region

Connecting Finance, Banking, and Insurance Experts Across 13 Countries in Central & Eastern Europe


Welcome to Connectiva, your premier event organizer specializing in the financial sector across the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region. With a focus on connecting finance, banking, and insurance experts, we aim to foster industry innovation and build a thriving community within each network.

Our Networks serve as a dynamic platform where influential leaders and decision-makers from leading banks, insurance companies, financial corporations, and other regional market players come together to share knowledge, insights, and opportunities. By facilitating effective communication and information sharing, we empower professionals to drive industry advancements in the CEE region.

At Connectiva, our mission is to bring innovation to the financial services sectors of Central and Eastern Europe. We achieve this by connecting, facilitating, and engaging with key organizations across the region. Through our carefully curated events, both online and offline, we create a unique environment where inspired discussions take place, influential partnerships are formed, and critical decisions are made.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much"

​Helen Keller


Regional corporate leaders are connected through a wide range of communities, virtual and in-person activities, and educational content.

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Banking CEE Network

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Insurance CEE Network

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Finance CEE Network


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Marko Rodic, RBA Banka

It's a very good organization and the chosen topics, frequency, and dynamic of the workshops are also very good. Great that Connectiva decided to choose a very specific part of the market with some common elements about which we can discuss and exchange.

“The right information brings knowledge, and knowledge is power.
Sharing it is empowerment"

Seth Godin

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