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Time & Location

9 June 2023

Virtual Event

About the Event

 The two-day conference will provide our members with the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in underwriting and risk management, and network with regional and global insurance executives. This conference is a unique opportunity for everyone - from the underwriting to the risk executive - to make new connections, stay on top of market trends and grow their network. 

Key Topics:

  • The Future of Insurance Underwriting: Advancing Your Comprehensive Risk Detection and Assessmen

  • Digitizing Your Underwriting Process

  • Finding the Perfect Underwriting Approach

  • Machine Learning (ML) in Pricing

  • ESG and Underwriting: The Long-Term Business and Social Impact and Its Importance in Underwriting

  • Seamlessness and Transprency of Customer Experience in Underwriting

  • Underwriting and Inclusive Insurance: The CEE Market Barriers and Opportunities

  • Personalizing Pricing: Telematics in the CEE Region

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