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Time & Location

June 2023 (TBA)

Virtual Event

About the Event

CX in Banking CEE Summit is a 2-day event that provides our members with thought-provoking insights into customer experience and marketing to help you carry your business forward. With vast experience and business cases applied to real-world business operations, banking experts will share best practices in customer experience and product innovation to reshape the way you and your business operate.

Key Topics:

  • Digitizing the Banking Experience

  • AI and CX in a Bank

  • Creating a Customer-Centric Appetite in Your Organization

  • Cost-Reducing Strategies in Customer Service

  • Round-the-clock Support: Provision of Self-Service Portal Tools for Solving Issues

  • The Importance of Feedback: Creating Loyalty and Updating the Roadmap with Feedback Analytics

  • Creating a Multilevel Communication Approach

  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

  • Metaverse as the Next Frontier for Banking

  • Delivering Value to Customers with Personalization

  • Personalizing the Offer with your Mobile App

  • Creating a Better Experience for Potential Customers Using Predictive Analytics

  • Making Customer Experience a Part of the Overall Financial & Marketing

  • Transitioning to an Omnichannel Platform

  • Transforming the Bank’s Employee Methodology

  • Transparency, Security, and Trust as CX Tools

  • Achieving a Low-Risk and Automated Loan/Mortgage Approval and Evaluation

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